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Austrian Energy Day 2023


Dive into critical discussions surrounding the future of the energy sector in this recording of the Austrian Energy Day, held in Vienna on September 28th. Moderated by Snjolfur Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief of Montel News, the conference unpacks pressing topics affecting energy markets in the DACH region. Opening with a gas and power price outlook post energy crisis by Professor Konstantin Lenz, the event then pivots to the debate over Small Modular Reactors as a pathway to decarbonization with Henri Paillere from IAEA. Christian Todem from APG delves into the grid challenges we face this winter, while Johannes Zimmerberger offers solutions to DSO capacity bottleneck issues. Gain insights into intraday trading in Hungary with Gabor Szatmari, and explore the regional ramifications of Germany's bidding zone split through David Attlmayr’s presentation. Christoph Zehetner provides an industry perspective on demand-side flexibility, followed by Janice Goodenough who elaborates on harnessing hydro's full potential. A special segment from the Federal Ministry gives updates on Austrian energy policy. Lastly, delve into the topic of hydrogen—what's the right regulatory framework, regional green hydrogen economy, and large-scale green hydrogen production. The conference concludes with a hydrogen forum discussion. 

Chapter overview: 

- 00:04: Welcoming words - Snjolfur Richard Sverrisson
- 06:50: Gas and power price outlook - Konstantin Lenz
- 41:35: Small Modular Reactors – Henri Paillere
- 01:20:09: Intermittency and grid challenges - Christian Todem
- 01:56:11: Solving DSO capacity bottleneck - Johannes Zimmerberger
- 02:18:35: Intraday trading in Hungary - Gabor Szatmari
- 02:35:40: German bidding zone split - David Konstantin Attlmayr
- 02:57:52: Demand-side flexibility - Christoph Zehetner
- 03:19:49: Unlocking Hydro’s Full Potential - Janice Goodenough
- 03:44:03: Austrian energy policy updates - Jasper Geipel
- 04:11:49: Hydrogen regulatory framework - Carola Millgramm
- 04:29:50: Austria’s First Regional Green Hydrogen Economy - Ernst Fleischhacker
- 04:45:28: Large-Scale Green Hydrogen Production - Michaela Leonhardt
- 04:53:18: Hydrogen forum discussion
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