Montel Market Sessions

Attend our Market Sessions to stay updated on the latest insights and analysis from leading experts in the energy market. Our webinars bring together experts from various companies to provide a comprehensive overview of market trends, regulations, and opportunities.

Montel Market Sessions

Winter gas outlook: Geopolitics v Fundamentals

739 views October 19, 2023

Wholesale gas prices have soared to 8-month highs amid mounting supply concerns and uncertainty...

Montel Market Sessions

Is the energy crisis over?

731 views February 08, 2023

Wholesale electricity and gas prices are tumbling, LNG imports are around record highs, gas...

Montel Market Sessions

Er kraftkrisen over?

169 views February 08, 2023

Er kraftkrisen allerede over, eller er risikoen fortsatt høy for skyhøye priser neste vinter?...

Montel Market Sessions

The Energy Crisis - What's in store for 2023?

472 views December 12, 2022

Don't miss this discussion with Montel's host Andrés Cala and our expert panelists. Will LNG keep...