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German Energy Day 2023

April 21, 2023 energyday, ged23, germany

The German Energy Day 2023 conference explores the future of the energy industry with a focus on market dynamics, industry decarbonization, and short-term trading. Key industry players will discuss the potential end of the energy crisis, greening the German industry, and the role of technology in shaping the future of energy trading.

The program kicks off with presentations on power, LNG, and carbon markets, followed by a panel discussion on new markets for the new energy world. Industry experts will then discuss the transformation of energy trading before diving into the challenges and opportunities for greening the German industry. Finally, the conference concludes with insights into short-term power trading, automation, and cross-market battery optimization. Join us for a day of knowledge sharing and networking with industry leaders.

End of the energy crisis? Outlook for next winter

  • Power: Tobias Federico, Managing Director, Energy Brainpool
  • LNG: Andreas Schroeder, Head of Energy Analytics, ICIS (Quantitative)
  • Carbon: Bernadett Papp, Head of Market Analysis, Pact Capital

A new market for the new energy world

  • Panel: A new market for the new energy world – what’s on the table and will it work?
  • Paul Dawson, Head of Regulatory Affairs, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH
  • Philipp Pfefferle, Advocacy & Communications, BASF
  • Stefan-Jörg Göbel, SVP Country Manager Germany, Statkraft Markets GmbH
  • Moderated by Julia Demirdag, Montel News
  • Will energy trading ever be the same again? Fredrik Bodecker, CEO and Partner, Bodecker Partners
  • Discussion: The Future of Energy Trading
  • Jörg Selbach-Röntgen, CEO, MET Germany
  • Fredrik Bodecker, CEO and Partner, Bodecker Partners
  • Moderated by Nathan Witkop, Montel News

Greening the German industry

  • Can German industry wean itself off gas? Prices, fundamentals, alternatives: Trevor Sikorski, Head of Natural Gas and Carbon Research, Energy Aspects
  • Greening industry – how can firms best meet climate targets? PinZhen Shen, Sustainability Specialist Energy, Purchasing & Logistics Area North, IKEA Purchasing Services (Germany) GmbH
  • Energy-intensive industry – leakage to low price regions? Chris Dye, Category Manager - Energy (Europe) & Renewable Energy (Global), NSG Pilkington
  • The role of corporate PPAs in industrial Decarbonisation – Trends and Outlook: Thekla von Bülow, Co-Head of Advisory, Central Europe, Aurora Energy Research

Short-term markets

  • Trading short-term power – a use case: Jean-Paul Harreman, Director, EnAppSys BV
  • Short-term power trading – have the machines taken over? Amani Joas, Managing Director, CF Flex Power
  • Cross-market battery optimization – maximize revenues and minimize risk: Jürgen Pfalzer, Chief Growth Officer, Enspired
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