Montel Masterclass

Understanding the GO Market

October 02, 2023 GOs, MontelGroup, MontelMarketplace

Delve into the European Guarantees of Origin market with this recording of Montel Group's seminar, hosted in Vienna on 27th September. The seminar encapsulates a range of topics from key GO concepts, historical evolution, regulatory frameworks, to risk management, OTC trading, post-trade operations, and market price outlook, presented by industry experts. With a blend of theoretical and practical insights, this seminar offers a robust understanding of the GO market's dynamics. For further engagement or inquiries, visit Montel Marketplace

Section chapters:

00:00 - Welcome to seminar by Minatore Zogaj

03:01 - Introduction to GO: Key concepts by Laura Malinen

18:17 - History of GO system and market developments by Joni Vuorela

01:23:51 - Key regulatory framework elements by Manuela Rodriguez

01:54:53 - Enhancing risk management by Konstantinos Sklavenitis

02:44:32 - OTC trading price benchmarking by Laura Malinen

03:06:40 - Managing post-trade operations by Martin Edling Andersson

03:41:01 - Multilateral auctions in trading by László Pintér

04:11:55 - GO market price development and outlook by Justin Colley

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