Intraday trading - case study Clement Bouilloux, Territory Manager CWE, Montel EnAppSys

October 30, 2023 EnAppSys, France

In this presentation, Clement, discusses the evolving landscape of imbalance prices in the energy markets, focusing on the new trends and implications since 2023. His analysis charts the tight correlation between imbalance and marginal prices over the years, emphasizing how the scenario is becoming more volatile recently. He explores the role of various factors, such as COVID-19, manual frequency reserves, and fuel type shifts, that contribute to this new level of volatility.

Clement takes a closer look at a specific case in France, illustrating the fear index of imbalance prices and how market players can either gain or lose significantly based on their strategies and timing. Tune in as he breaks down the intricacies of balancing activations, impacts on intraday markets, and how hydro and solar energy trends at a European level are likely to continue influencing imbalance prices.

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