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UK LNG port to boost supply security

51 views April 12, 2024

Gas will be key to ensuring the UK’s power supply over the coming years, amid a growing reliance...

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Are soaring costs of the energy transition...

165 views February 26, 2024

Have spiralling costs, high interest rates and low and volatile electricity prices slowed down...

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5,839 views December 08, 2023

At COP28, the EU pledged to put EUR 2.3bn towards supporting the International Energy Agency’s...

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Can nuclear take France to the promised land of...

916 views October 06, 2023

Nuclear is firmly back in the driving seat in France. But will it lead to the promised land of...

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Storm Hans brings relief

302 views August 25, 2023

A sopping summer and a deluge in the wake of Storm Hans looks set to pressure the Nordic...

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From Delay to Deliverance?

355 views June 20, 2023

Way over budget and long overdue, Finland’s Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor, the largest in Europe,...

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Gas price slide – a mere blip?

292 views May 26, 2023

European wholesale gas prices have plummeted from the highs seen in the midst of the energy...

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Lucky break

161 views April 24, 2023

Germany weathered a winter without Russian gas better than many expected – but the road ahead...

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Europe's scramble for gas

196 views February 06, 2023

With the threat of a complete reduction in gas flows to Europe looming and growing uncertainty...