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Storm Hans brings relief

178 views August 25, 2023

A sopping summer and a deluge in the wake of Storm Hans looks set to pressure the Nordic...

Energy Insights

From Delay to Deliverance?

251 views June 20, 2023

Way over budget and long overdue, Finland’s Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor, the largest in Europe,...

Energy Insights

Gas price slide – a mere blip?

213 views May 26, 2023

European wholesale gas prices have plummeted from the highs seen in the midst of the energy...

Energy Insights

Lucky break

105 views April 24, 2023

Germany weathered a winter without Russian gas better than many expected – but the road ahead...

Energy Insights

Europe's scramble for gas

111 views February 06, 2023

With the threat of a complete reduction in gas flows to Europe looming and growing uncertainty...